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The heartbeat of our community


When visiting any of our stores, we welcome everyone with a warm and caring attitude.

We consistently strive to treat customers in a professional and respectful manner, offering the best service, no matter what your needs are.

Our aim is to empower our staff by ensuring they are appropriately qualified, trained, mentored, and developed, to ensure a consistently high-quality customer service experience.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Advice

Qualified Pharmacists

Qualified Nurses

Chronic Medicine Assistance

Linked to Medical Aids

Clinic Services Available

Wide Variety of Products


Government CCMD pick up site

Whatsapp service *NEW*

Preferred provider contracts

Digital Photographic Services

Our Stores

Click on each of our stores below to see what we offer and for contact details.

The following stores offer delivery in their areas: Border Chem, City Pharmacy, Kirkman & Wessels, Mthatha Plaza Pharmacy, Savoy Pharmacy, Triangle Pharmacy and Umtata Pharmacy.