City Pharmacy

City Pharmacy is conveniently located at the Buffalo Centre in East London and has a wide range of products and services.


Our Services

Ear Piercing

Our well trained, friendly staff use strict hygiene methods to ensure your ears are pierced professionally. We have an extensive choice of earrings catering for all budgets and preferences. Ears may be pierced from the age of 1 year.


We offer an extensive range of vitamins, tonics, supplements, homeopathic, and natural remedies. From multivitamins to single mineral supplements for your convenience. Speak to one of our well trained staff and they will find a suitable product for you.

Sports Nutrition

If you are training for a specific sporting or special event, or simply trying to get yourself into shape, we have the product for you to give you the edge. Whether trying to gain or lose weight, we have the product best suited to your needs. Speak to our dedicated staff who will offer you the best advice.

OTC Medicine

Self medication can be difficult with the variety of medication available in pharmacies, speak with our trained and experienced staff in-store and they will find the right medication for your ailment, whether for aches and pains, cough, cold and flu, headaches, ear, eye, nose and throat issues, allergies, skin irritations, first aid and any other common ailments.


If you want to find that special cream, lotion, perfume, or treatment, then please speak to one of our consultants in this department and they will advise you what is best suited for your skin type. We carry products from beauty houses like Vichy, L’Oréal, Coty and will be happy finding what you need.


Need a prescription filled out? Whether private or medical aid, our qualified pharmacists will ensure you receive sound, professional advice and service. Our friendly pharmacists, pharmacists assistants, and pharmacist technicians will make sure you get the best service every time.


Our clinics have experienced professional nurses in attendance and are an integral part of our pharmacies. They will ensure your primary healthcare needs are taken care of. We offer screening services such as blood pressure tests, blood glucose testing, cholesterol testing, pregnancy testing, and HIV testing, including pre and post screening counselling.

Front Shop

Our stores offer a wide variety of personal hygiene products, deodorants, creams and lotions, shampoos, traditional medicines, and a comprehensive first aid department. Baby care is our speciality and we will ensure that your newborn or toddler gets what they need. Speak to the manager if there is something you need that we don’t have, we will get it for you.


We offer deliveries within the area.

City Pharmacy

Shop 2, Buffalo Centre, 42-44 Buffalo Street, East London, 5201

(t) +27 (0) 43 722 6720/80

If you would like to send your prescription through to us, please send an email to: with your prescription attached.

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